Tuesday, April 04, 2006

PAINTING FOR SALUTE (18 days to go)

It's Tuesday and here are the latest photos chronicling my efforts to paint a 28mm Brunswick Uhlan Squadron by 21st April - yes, I'm feeling the pressure! Today's photos feature three more painted horses and one finished horse. I'm using a mix of acrylic paints by Foundry & Citadel and a 0000 paintbrush and will write up a full painting guide after Salute. If you have any questions, please direct them via my Yahoo Quatre-Bras Forum.

Horse 1, with gnashing teeth, crazed eyes, frothing mouth and lathered flanks, is pretty much complete. It's a "Bay" and as I guide I used Sheryl Leisure's brilliantly painted horses from
Horse-Power Graphics Inc.

Horse 2 is an Appaloosa. The Spanish introduced this horse to Mexico in the 1500s and despite becoming synonymous with Red Indians, let's just say that my Uhlan acquired the horse from a British cavalryman on his return from fighting in the America's.

Horses 3 & 4 are also
Bays but dappled simply as I enjoy doing it...you might have noticed. I aim to have all four finished tonight then it's on to the next four - maybe some blacks & dapple greys. Here are my some more images (click on the image to view full size).


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