Thursday, April 27, 2006

SALUTE ZERO SIX - Saturday 22 April 2006

Finally, I have a moment to post the latest photos of my Uhlans. Due to work commitments, I managed to finish only four of the six that I planned to enter for Salute Zero Six at the ExCel Centre in London last Saturday. It was touch and go whether they would make an appearance at all! I had to get up at 6am on the morning of the show to finish the one base that I’d quickly put together at 1.30am the same morning!

Semi-satisfied with the end result and not wishing to disappoint those of you who wanted to see the figures for yourself, I duly packed them away in time to catch the 7.53am train to London, a little jaded.

THE PAINTING COMPETITION - Congratulations Sascha Herms
So how did I fair? Well, I didn’t win, which I expected, especially once I’d seen the other entries in the Category One section – clearly I have some way to go to reach the heady heights of those painters featured in
the links on my main site, The Waterloo Campaign in Miniature. Sascha Herm, whom I was very pleased to meet after he had received his first prize, was a deserved winner! Click on my photo of Sacha's winning entry to see photos posted on his web site.

was pleased to see that Salute provide impressive display cases for all the entries this year but I have one big gripe. Why was only the top shelf lit? The figures on display who were lucky enough to be placed on the top shelves of each display case looked absolutely brilliant, whilst the efforts of entrants whose figures were placed on the shelf below or worse still, the shelf below were lost in a dark gloom. Sadly, my black cavalrymen were on the third shelf and as the photo below clearly shows…it WAS very gloomy. Compare my photo of Sacha's beautiful vingette (top shelf)
and the photo below (third shelf) and make up your own mind.

So Salute, how about lighting up everyone’s entries giving both the visitor a better and clearer view of our hard won efforts and providing a more level playing field for all the entries? My finger’s are crossed. For those who did go, post a comment and tell me what you think. Anyway, here are my own photos of my Uhlans…as they should have been shown – clear & bright and despite returning home without any plaudits, I still think my horses were better than other – even Dallimore’s!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

PAINTING FOR SALUTE (2 days to go)

Apologies for the lack of updates, but what with Easter, my darling daughter, work, work et al, I've been somewhat indisposed. But I have managed to fit in some important painting time in my efforts to meet this damn deadline. I can report that my task is looking distinctly tight but there's still time and here are some pix taken on Tuesday of my efforts to date. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

PAINTING FOR SALUTE (9 days to go)

The clock is ticking...It's Wednesday 12th April and here are the latest photos chronicling my efforts to paint "half " a 28mm Brunswick Uhlan Squadron by 21st April (for the painting competition at Salute Zero Six in London on the 22nd)...I feel some progress is being made but still have a way to go. I've taken a reality check abd realise that half a squadron of Uhlans is a better target so I plan to paint six before moving onto the next batch. Anyway, here are my latest pix!

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