Sunday, April 09, 2006

PAINTING FOR SALUTE (13 days to go)

It's Sunday 9th April and here are the latest photos chronicling my efforts to paint a 28mm Brunswick Uhlan Squadron by 21st April (for the painting competition at Salute Zero Six in London on the 22nd).

Realising I've only completed five out of twelve horses and am yet to properly start on the Uhlans let alone basing the damn things, I do realise that I'm up against it but then a deadline can go someway to concentrating the mind. In mitigation, painting the chesnut has been an experience in itself, as I've never attempted one, nor a black or grey for that matter - & next on the conveyor belt. For all those who have asked, I will write up a tutorial on painting horses after Salute, and whilst on the subject, this is not a project I expect to win (it's not the winning but the taking part that counts - smiling here!) For those readers attending the show, it will allow you the opportunity to see the figures for REAL, which is my main aim as I can guarantee they look far better than the unattrative close-up photos that I've taken to date. If they look anything like my 28mm Foundry Cuirasier trooper then I'll be more than happy! are my latest pix! Enjoy!


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